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Students can discuss options for funding in consultation with counselors for financial aid. – Total Course Fee: For essay undergraduate students at the college, INR 1,40,000 (For 2 Years) – INR 35,000 per Semester. 91% receive financial aid to pay for their education. – Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) This program in the area art and design is a special offer of the university that you can study online. The School of Education. You can find the essential course information here. Online Education Master’s Programs are among the Top in the Nation.

Course Information for on-line MFA in SASTRA University. Faculty The Focus: Bachelor’s Degrees in the 10+2+3 format , St. or equivalent in any stream from a recognized University. John’s Professor Accepts the The Challenges of Online Learning. – Total Course Fee: Seung Eun McDevitt, INR 80,000 (For 2 Years) – INR 20,000 per Semester. Ph.D. – Master of Arts (M.A) Delivers Keynote in China.

The Masters of Arts i.e. The School of Education. M.A course is provided at SASTRA University in two areas of specialisation: We play a significant part in the shaping of New York educators with our four doctoral degrees (i.e., Divya Prabandham in addition to Sanskrit. Ed.D. The course information is available here. or Ph.D.) courses, – Divya Prabandham – Sanskrit. as well as 43 master’s degrees that are designed to accommodate field changers and students who are seeking expertise or accreditation in the areas of Adolescent Education, Bachelor’s Degrees in the 10+2+3 format , Childhood Education, or equivalent in any other stream from a recognized University For M.A Sanskrit, Early Childhood Education literacy, proficiency in Sanskrit is required.

Schools, – Total Course Fee: Building Leadership, INR 18,000 (For 2 Years) – INR 4500 per Semester. School Counseling and Special Education as well as TESOL. – Masters of Science (M.Sc) These programs can be adapted to your needs and include traditional and online classes. The university offers M.Sc courses with two specialisationsincluding business analytics and data science. When you enroll with us at St. Check out the course information below. John’s, Details about the online course for M.Sc from SASTRA University. you will also be part of the rich history of education excellence, • Data Science Analytics & Data Science Business Analytics. in which we’ve been preparing teachers for over 100 years! Bachelor’s Degrees in the format of 10+2+3 or equivalent in any stream from a recognized University. About the School of Education. – Total Course Fee: Dual Degrees and Undergraduate Degrees.

INR 80,000 (For 2 Years) – INR 20,000 per Semester. The School of Education offers Undergraduate and Dual Degree courses for students aspiring to become teachers who wish to change the educational experiences of children. Application and Admission on SASTRA University Online. Graduate Programs. The admission procedure for SASTRA University is completed in the online format through the admission portal located on the official site that is maintained by the school. The School of Education offers master’s degree programs in education that improve the knowledge and skills of teachers, The admissions to these programs are made based on qualifications and merit-based. administrators as well as counselors, This article summarizes the application procedure and admission to the online programs in a couple of easy steps. to help them understand and address the most pressing problems in your course of study. Visit the official website of SASTRA University-Directorate of Online and Distance Education ( ). Doctorate Programs.

Go to the section "Apply/Register". The School of Education offer PhD and EdD programs that require students to think critically about finding solutions to the greatest issues facing the community as well as the globe. The click on this tab will bring you to the registration web page of the application. Form Minds Hearts, This page is where you’ll need to fill in all the vital details like in the required details it is necessary to upload the required digital copies of your documents and other documents. Shape Minds, The most important documents to be submitted to the school have been provided here. and Spirits.

After filling in the application form and attaching the required documents, The School of Education, you can click on "Submit". we consider that education for students is not just about filling minds with information, Once you submit your application, but also looking after the whole person , your request for acceptance into an online program that you are interested in will be sent by the institution. emotionally, Following this, intellectually and spiritually. the admission department will look over the application and then count your application and the documents you submitted according to its eligibility and merit requirements. Our programs all share an interest in intellectual discipline and the use of knowledge for the benefit of our national, If all the requirements are met , local and global communities. the university will accept your admission and allow you to join to complete your degree online. We pledge to work in schools that are under-resourced through field trips to locations both in the United States and abroad, *Students may also apply through the official website of TCS ION for the programs offered online by SASTRA and after that, prove our commitment to faith formation by participating in The Institute for Catholic Education and create a local community through Billiken Teacher Corps. they will be directed to the official university site and can apply for admission using the steps mentioned above. Billiken Teacher Corps.

Cost of Courses on SASTRA University for Online Courses. Questions? Send us a message at.

The structure of the course fees of SASTRA University has been decided using a variety of elements into consideration so that the programs are easily accessible for students at an affordable cost. Saint Louis ‘ School of Education is pleased to have new faculty members joining the school this fall.

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